Level II Match in Baexem, Niederlande

Last weekend, I finally started with my Match-Season 2013. I’ve visited the really nice Level II Match “Klasseringswedstrijd of the “kw handgun team IDC Baexem” in Baexem, Netherlands. Revo Buddy´s from the Netherlands advised my of that match. The match consited of 6 stages (2xShort, 2xMedium, 2xLong) , build on two 25m indoor ranges. The match could be shot in only a half day so the waiting time between the stages was reduced to a minimum. The stages have been very varying. Long distance targets (even reduced 60%-ones), Plates, Popper, Drop-Turner, Beartraps, doors etc. All in all very challenging and interesting! Unfortunately, I had to switch to copper plated bullets because ARES haven`t been allowed on this range (don´t understand, but you have to follow the rules..). Luckily, I had some Frontiers left in stock. Unfortunately, they haven´t been as precise as my usually used ARES load. 20m groups, shot in practice last week showed only poor accuracy. If they caused my three miss or was it just me aiming not accurate enough? Who knows. I accuse the load. 😉
I shot the miss all on far distance targets (two on a long course, one on a speedy – the one on the speedy was a miserable one – scratched the target but just didn´t hit the scoring-line 🙁 ) Lessons learned, this is something, I need to improve now. Long-Range-Accuracy.
My speed was already there. I shot the fastest wheelgun on all stages. Even within the Classic Division, I would have been not too bad.

All in all I can say, that this was a successfull weekend with a lot of fun with my dutch friends! Thanks again guys for your hospitality!

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