IPSC WSXVIII Chateâuroux / France – Part II – Matchday 3 and 4

Part II of my WSXVIII Report

After the second match day, I was very curious to see, how the results would be. Not knowing, how the other top guys from the other revolver squad would have finished (The German Revolver Team hadn’t finished in the top three at the last World Shoot in Florida 2014 – because of that, we were scheduled in Revo Team Squad “two” this time. On squad one have been the Teams from USA, Austria and Brazil). I guess, you can understand how excited I was, when I saw, that I had taken the lead after day two! Again, that night was not the best for a deep and relaxing sleep… Of course did I tell myself to calm down and relax and not to think too much about the results. I wanted to just shoot the same style like the days before. „IPSC WSXVIII Chateâuroux / France — Part II — Matchday 3 and 4“ weiterlesen