Neuer Artikel auf -> "Vorgehensweise beim Finden einer neuen Laborierung"

I´ve written an introduction about how to develop a new handload – maybe, this could be usefull for one or another? Continue reading “Neuer Artikel auf -> "Vorgehensweise beim Finden einer neuen Laborierung"”

Geco 9mm Para Munitionstest mit dem 929

To find out, which Geco load would be the best for IPSC Revolver competitions, I tested all available Geco loads. I chronoed them first and shot them second off hand to see, which load shoots subjective best by recoil and precision. Results first – Continue reading “Geco 9mm Para Munitionstest mit dem 929”

Mein neues Pulver – Reload Swiss

When the massage came last year, that Kemira/Vihtavoury will close, that was some kind of scary, because pretty all of my loads are based on that stuff. Ok, in between, they`re on again and it seem, that they’ll continue producing. But that, and also the bad availability situation of american powders made me think of switching to some European powders. Continue reading “Mein neues Pulver — Reload Swiss”