Measurements Geco .233 ammunition

Maybe interesting for the one or the other – if you don`t have a chrony but you want to use a ballistic calculator – Here, some new measurements out of my new DAR-15 IPSC with a Lothar Walther 16,75″ barrel Continue reading “Measurements Geco .233 ammunition”

Season Opening – Winterrange Rifle Match

Cool start into the new shooting season! Shot my first match this year in IPSC rifle. The winter range rifle match. Cool small club match with nice stages. The stages have been build by the competitors shooting Saturday and cleared by the competitors shooting Sunday. Very good idea! This keeps cost low and everybody is involved. Continue reading “Season Opening — Winterrange Rifle Match”

Summerrifle – IPSC Rifle LII PPS Team 1993 und WPPC

Lesson of the day – Magazines need to by filled by the beep… or: leaning by pain!
But – one after the other. Today, the two clubs  PPS Team 1993 and WPPC held their Summerrifle IPSC Rifle LII Match in Philippsburg. Small but nice! First in the morning, all shooters build the stages together, then, always two squads shot the day together stage by stage. On shooting, the other working (patching, scoring etc.) and vice versa. Easy and good! This helps to reduce effort and costs. And it worked nice!

Markus Wohlmuthad designed 7 nice stages between 5 and 40 rounds. The stages had been very varying and could be shot very smooth. That was real fun in my opinion! My results have been promising. I was fast and I could even win a stage (three half A4 targets on 40m, three rounds each) . Continue reading “Summerrifle — IPSC Rifle LII PPS Team 1993 und WPPC”

Updates – Inifinity Open, Action Steel at Universal Shooting Academy und diverse neue goodies für AR15 und den 586

I´ll do the translation ASAP! In between, please use google translator to translate my page. Thanks!

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Deutsche Meisterschaft IPSC Rifle 2013

At the weekend, I shot the German Nationals IPSC Rifle. One of the highlights for me in my match schedule! Unfortunately, there are to little rifle matches around here!

Already the competitor list promised, that this will be a very interesting match. Shooters from Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia, Suisse und Norway have been on the list!

I was very excited, how my match would be. I’ve practiced more for this match and on top, with the Kahles K16i, I´ve had a impressive new scope to prove oneself in a real match!

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