Kahles Helia 8×42 RF

Yesterday, I got a nice new gimmick from Kahles – a 8×42 bino with an integrated range finder!

I already knew, that for international rifle matches a RF might come in very handy as far away targets are often plcaed “anywhere” on the range. Not like in Germany where – due to range limits – the targets are usually nicely placed on 100m, 200m or 300m. The latest match in France confirmed that. Continue reading “Kahles Helia 8×42 RF”

Kahles stellt ein interessantes Detail auf der IWA vor

IWA is already some days ago, but I just found these pics of the very interesting Kahles ballistic quick change again on my mobile and thought, they might be interesting to Show. Guess, I´ll shortly Mount this on my Kahles also!
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