929 – erfolgreiche Wettkampfpremiere!

Last weekend, I shot the first match with my new 929 – a small local match, the “Bezirksmeisterschaft IPSC Nordbaden”. Unfortunately, we´ve been only 6 Revolver shooters. But already 3 of us with a 8-shot Revolver! (two S&W 929 and one S&W RR8) Continue reading “929 — erfolgreiche Wettkampfpremiere!”

Geco 9mm Para Munitionstest mit dem 929

To find out, which Geco load would be the best for IPSC Revolver competitions, I tested all available Geco loads. I chronoed them first and shot them second off hand to see, which load shoots subjective best by recoil and precision. Results first – Continue reading “Geco 9mm Para Munitionstest mit dem 929”