Lot´s of updates – matches, new Videos, new stuff, new loads…..

Is it possible that it’s already half a year since my last post? Crazy….

There has been a lot going on so far – I shot some matches, gained new partners, got new gear, tested a lot and even changed some parts. But in Detail:

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Summerrifle – IPSC Rifle LII PPS Team 1993 und WPPC

Lesson of the day – Magazines need to by filled by the beep… or: leaning by pain!
But – one after the other. Today, the two clubs  PPS Team 1993 and WPPC held their Summerrifle IPSC Rifle LII Match in Philippsburg. Small but nice! First in the morning, all shooters build the stages together, then, always two squads shot the day together stage by stage. On shooting, the other working (patching, scoring etc.) and vice versa. Easy and good! This helps to reduce effort and costs. And it worked nice!

Markus Wohlmuthad designed 7 nice stages between 5 and 40 rounds. The stages had been very varying and could be shot very smooth. That was real fun in my opinion! My results have been promising. I was fast and I could even win a stage (three half A4 targets on 40m, three rounds each) . Continue reading “Summerrifle — IPSC Rifle LII PPS Team 1993 und WPPC”

Faktormessung .223

Maybe interesting for some of you -here are some Chrono results of some .223 Ammo out of the 16,75″ STI AR. First measurement I did outdoor in Philippsburg with a L&S Chrono, second one was indoor with a Chrony with LED lights. The noticeable differences between both measures may result of different comps (nordic tac / L&S vs. Arredondo and Chrony) or maybe my Chrony measures a little bit fast. Truth maybe anywhere in the middle…

Marke fps fps fps Avg. m/s Faktor Gerät
TopShot 55grs 3005 3014 3009,5 918,67 165,52 L&S
Geco Target 55grs 2962 2962 0 162,91 L&S
Remington UMC 55grs 2962 2860 2911 871,73 160,11 L&S
Wolf 55grs 2821 2820 2820,5 859,54 155,13 L&S
PMC Bronze 2663 2562 2612,5 780,9 143,69 L&S

S&B 55grs Schütte 3035 3088 3083 3068,67 941,22 168,78 Chrony
Geco Target 55grs 3036 3039 3031 3035,33 926,29 166,94 Chrony
Wolf 55grs 2940 3007 3040 2995,67 916,53 164,76 Chrony
Geco Target 63grs 2787 2904 2832 2841 885,14 178,98 Chrony

Concerning precision, the Geco 55grs and 63grs and the S&B 55grs Box are my favorites at 50m. At 100m, the Geco 55grs looked best, S&B I need to test on 100m.