FOES "Rider of the Week"

Unbelievable – this morning, I got this email from FOES Racing USA:

Hi Sascha,

We selected you as rider of the week! Check out yourpicture here:

Thank you for submitting your picture to us – have fun riding!

62 N. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
Office: 626.683.8368
Fax: 626.683.8622

Awesome! Last week, I read the first time about a FOES campaign called “Rider of the Week”. Foes is publishing interesting action-pictures of Foes riders from all over the world in a special series on their website. I had a old pic of me, riding my Foes back in the late 90´s which I thought may fit. I sent it to them right after, I got a personal response from the Foes sales manager thanking for the pic and asking, where it was taken an under which circumstances. I would have never thought, that I even get a response – but obviously, they liked my picture very much and made me the “Rider of the Week”! Thanks Foes!
FOES rocks!