Deutsche Meisterschaft Revolver – Deutsche Meisterschaft PCC – GECO Masters – 3OAK Open PCC – Tour de France

It´s incredible… time flies up and away and I can´t catch up updating my site in time. 😐

It have been busy weeks since my last update. Two national matches with according preparation in advance, two LIII handgun and a LII PCC match since then! All in all as a resume I´m pretty happy with my results. I`ve been able to win my first national title with the PCC, I won another Presidents Medal in Düsseldorf last weekend and the Geco Masters and the 3OAK match have been fun to shoot (though the results haven`t been that good).

The results are up on the results page and at least at the 3Oak match we`ve been allowed to take some Videos. I´ve uploaded them on my YouTube channel and here are the links.

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