How to intensify Rifle practice?

Rifle practice with 9mm and .223

Ever thought of improving your practice with the rifle? I’ve tried something different on my last practice sessions for the upcoming German Nationals and the following French Nats and the Europeans – I thought “why not practicing with the 9mm AR15 PCC in practice?”

So I asked Kahles if they may provide me another K16i – of course! Thanks for that this way…! Now I’m having a similar practice rifle to “nurse” my 223 AR in practice. Went with both rifles to the range and shot first a few mags with the 233, than switched to 9mm and back again to 223. What a difference! The slow and sluggish recoil of the 9mm feels way different compared to the compensated 223 – after rushing runs with the 9mm the switch to 223 feels a bit like cheating! By being adopted to the heavier recoil of the blow back action of the 9mm the double taps with the 223 went way better and hit closer on the target. It seems, that gun handling changes by shooting the heavier one. Try it out!

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