new DAR compensator – shot the first match with the new one

In between, I´ve finally got the last version of the new DAR IPSC rifle compensator! I´ve tested the V2.0 but there was too much downforce so another version had to be made. After the new modifications, the final version is running perfect! Very neutral, nice to shoot!

here, some pics of the V2.0 and V2.1 and a small slowmo video of the testing:

edit – just wrote the article and two days later, the final version was in the mail! What a beauty! 😀


And on the first weekend of 2017, I already had the opportunity to test the new gimmick – shot the Winterrange 2017 rifle match. To make it short – the material worked flawlessly, the operator wasn’t 100% ready – but still finished the match on second place! Nice….. 😀

2017 01 07 Winterrange Results Overall  – 2017 01 07 Winterrange Results Stage

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