Top Wheelgunner Trophy Wintergames 2015 Babenhausen

These years Wintergames have been again a very interesting and challenging match. Guenther, Gegge and their whole Crew did a perfect Job in putting together and running this fine match! I shot my 929 again, as it´s allowed according to the actual geman rules to shoot it to capacity (Germany is IPSC Test Region this year for that)

Against this, for the TWT the committee decided, that within the actual season 2014/2014, the TWT will keep the 6-reload6 rule for Standard. Anyway, I didn’t care for that, I decided that this year, I´ll support the 6+ Minor ruling. I REALLY LIKE the 929 and how it works and performs in a match! It´s so much more fun for me to shoot 8 instead of 6. MUCH more dynamically! I shot a very good match, except from some minor mistakes “between the ears”. Only once, I was very lucky – there was a stage, where the briefing was, that for one sequence, you have to hold/pull a rope with STRONG hand while shooting weak hand – I messed it up and shot strong holding weak – three PTs usually – but not, if the score keeper misses to note the time and when realizing it, the RO had already zeroed the timer for the next stage – Reshoot! 😎

My real “highlight” was this stage for me:

After the beep, step on an activator pad either left or right side. This pad activates the target sequence as described. First string visible for 7 seconds. Invisible 2 seconds, visible again 4 seconds etc. (see picture).

Stage 6 Wintergames TWT
Stage 6 Wintergames TWT

My plan was, to get the first 8 targets within the first sequence, reload again and finish the rest 4 targets in the second string. Tough but doable. The risk is to screw the reload by rushing and pushing to hard or to earn mikes by shooting just fast and not aiming… But finally my plan worked and I shot an incredible hifactor of 7,58! I guess, that was my highest hit factor I ever shot with a Revolver!

this is the Video of this stage:

…and the results:

TWT Wintergames 2015 overall

TWT Wintergames 2015 Stage

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