929 – erfolgreiche Wettkampfpremiere!

Last weekend, I shot the first match with my new 929 – a small local match, the “Bezirksmeisterschaft IPSC Nordbaden”. Unfortunately, we´ve been only 6 Revolver shooters. But already 3 of us with a 8-shot Revolver! (two S&W 929 and one S&W RR8)

The 6 Stages were all build very fluid and fast. What a fun to shoot them with the 8 rounder! It was so dynamic and fast! I got familiar with the 929 very fast. Hit the reloads and the targets and the steel – it was a blast! The load with the 139grs Geco encapsulated bullet and 3,8grs Reload Swiss RS12 worked perfect! All that made me win by a 20% lead! 😀

More of that, please… 😉

BM 2015 Nordbaden Production/Revolver Overall

BM 2015 Nordbaden Production/Revolver Stages

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