929 – neue Messungen

maybe, it’s interesting for one or another – today, I made new measurements with the 929 and Reload Swiss Powders with Geco Bullets:


Reload Swiss RS12 seems to be a little bit more constant than the RS20 in my applications and subjective,  it shoots a little bit more comfortable. It’s also a bit cleaner and has less residues. Perfect! So I guess, I’ll add one or two tenth of a grain to the 3.6 RS12 to be safe above minor level. The 115grs load is something for the Steelchallenge. Also here, I’ll ad a bit to get 110PF. Precision is fine already! the 929 is a nice Revolver and makes fun. But I’m thinking of getting the barrel stub cut. It’s useless for me and I don’t need to mount the comp and this would reduce weight a bit and would make it a bit more handy. Also the underlug could be overworked a bit to reduce weight. We’ll see… 😉

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