Mein neues Pulver – Reload Swiss

When the massage came last year, that Kemira/Vihtavoury will close, that was some kind of scary, because pretty all of my loads are based on that stuff. Ok, in between, they`re on again and it seem, that they’ll continue producing. But that, and also the bad availability situation of american powders made me think of switching to some European powders. Luckily, in the last year, the Nitrochemie AG, a swiss tradition powder company forced their activities in reloading powder for sports. They are offering now a wide range of powders for nearly all calibers and applications. First tests were promising, so I´ve contacted them and we aggreed on a collaboration. I’m very happy with this and I’m sure, that I can devellop some good working loads!

Beside me, there are also Christine Burkhalter, Dominic Meier, Birgit Gruber, Nils Nothnagel, Gerald Reiter and Peter Heller in the Team Reload Swiss – all of them are Top-shooters in their divisions, so I think, we’ll have a pretty good exchange of experiences between the factory and the sports! Here’s the link to the website of Reload Swiss:

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