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Recently, I experienced again, what customer service means to US companies. Not to say, that customer service here is bad at all, no, also companies here improved their service a lot in the past. But this service experience was so impressive to me, that I find, I should tell about. Outstanding service has to be valued!

First one – since several years, I’m using Dillon reloading presses to reload my handgun ammo. First one was a RL550B, in between, I´m using a XL650. Since a few weeks, I faced the problem, that several primers got crushed while seated to the empty case. Some even ignited! Luckily, nothing severe happened. I tried a lot. Cleaned, adjusted etc. I couldn’t  find the reason why. At the IWA, I told this a member of the Dillon staff at the Dillon booth. He promised me, t0 send me some spare parts for replacement. I only had to pay the shipment to Germany. As I had already booked a trip to Florida on Easter, where I had planned to buy some accessories and tools from Dillon, this matched perfect. I sent my order with my credit card information shortly before the trip to him and in Florida, I received a big parcel full of replacement parts and my additionally ordered things. I only had to pay for the tools and accessories. No shipment or anything else. At home again, I replaced nearly the whole primer seating unit. adjusted it and tried again – It works perfect now again! Thanks!

Second example for outstanding customer service was Timney: Also from this trip to Florida, I brought a Timney AR15 trigger home. Installed it here to my rifle following the instructions. But I had to figure out, that it seemed, that I lost the set screws to secure the trigger. Not knowing which size and measure they are, I wrote a short email to the Timney customer service asking the measures. I received an answer with the measures shortly afterwards. I answered: “thanks for your fast reply, appreciate it very much. Let’s see, if I can find them here…” Only a while later, I received two emails from Timney again – one from the customer service and one from tech service: “Good morning, we would be then happy to send you the screws, email me your address and I can stick them in the mail. ” and “We would be happy to send you some replacements.” No question why, just the offer to send me free (!) replacements. This is outstanding!

Good experiences should be told!

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