Das neue Kahles K15i – 1-5x24i

Last weekend, Kahles showed the new K15i at the IWA in Nuremberg:

Basically,  the same nice scope as the K16i but “only” 5x magnification. I think, the difference between 5x and 6x shouldn’t be to big and nearly not noticeable. The rest has been the same – clear and bright glass, ultra wide field of view, very bright dot etc. At the moment, the K15i will be only available with the G4B recticle. But a version with the Si1 is also at least in planning. Kahles is open to comments – please feel free to leave a comment here – I´ll forward them!

I hope to get a test scope soon that I´ll bring with me to the matches for you to test. Just tell me!

link to the infoflyer on the Kahles website:

Kahles Info-Flyer

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