Summerrifle – IPSC Rifle LII PPS Team 1993 und WPPC

Lesson of the day – Magazines need to by filled by the beep… or: leaning by pain!
But – one after the other. Today, the two clubs  PPS Team 1993 and WPPC held their Summerrifle IPSC Rifle LII Match in Philippsburg. Small but nice! First in the morning, all shooters build the stages together, then, always two squads shot the day together stage by stage. On shooting, the other working (patching, scoring etc.) and vice versa. Easy and good! This helps to reduce effort and costs. And it worked nice!

Markus Wohlmuthad designed 7 nice stages between 5 and 40 rounds. The stages had been very varying and could be shot very smooth. That was real fun in my opinion! My results have been promising. I was fast and I could even win a stage (three half A4 targets on 40m, three rounds each) .

Until the last Stage. Just the long course with 40 rnds and 200 points. I´ve started with the three-mag-coupler. There´ve been two half targets on the left  and two on the right at the start. Then a 50m Target etc. I shot the right two half targets first and moved then to the left, to shoot the left ones and the 50m target before my first mag change. But after the fourth shot to the right, I realized, that the bold kept open. Malfunction, I thought. I charged it again but realized then, that I could see the feeder of the first mag through the ejection port… Bad brainfade – I thought, I´ve checked my mags. Obviously, I forgot one… The rest of the stage was accordant. If a plan is destroyed, everything goes worse…

Lesson of the day. A mag has to be full. Always. Completely full.

But who cares. Next time, I´ll be better. For this time, I´m lucky about a stagewin, a jamless rifle (if the captain has no jams), a nice, sunny day with great people and lots of fun!

Summerrifle 2013 - some Rifles
Summerrifle 2013 – some Rifles

And the list:

20130713 Summerrifle Overall / 20130713 Summerrifle Stages

Summerrifle 2013 - Open Overall
Summerrifle 2013 – Open Overall

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