STI Custom Competition Rifle – Kahles K16i – Geco .223 63grs – 300m

I´ve been in Philippsburg today to zero my Rifle and to see, where I have to aim at 300m. What should I say – I’ve been very pleased! First, I’ve been at the 100m range to zero the scope with the Geco .223 63grs. This ammo performed best at 300m last year with my rifle. That was easy and done fast. The result looked like that after zeroing (flyer high right was the first shot, then came the group low. After that, I corrected by one click up and the group in the middle came last):

15 rounds Geco .223 63grs @ 100m
15 rounds Geco .223 63grs @ 100m

I’ve tried also, to make a pic with the iPhone how the view through the Kahles looked like:

K16i - Zielbild 100m
K16i – 6x @ 100m

After that, I changed to the 300m range. This looked like that:

K16i - Zielbild 6x @300m (IPSC Classic Target)
K16i – 6x @300m (IPSC Classic Target)

second try:

K16i - Zielbild 300m (IPSC Classic Target)
K16i – 6x @ 300m (IPSC Classic Target)

And that was the result at 300m – 30 fast rounds (there’s also no time in the match for precise and intensive aiming). 17 Alpha, 12 Charly, 1 Delta! Now, I only have to shoot like this next week at the Nationals! 🙂

30 Schuss Geco .223 63grs - 300m - 17Alpha, 12 Charly, 1 Delta
30 rounds Geco .223 63grs – 300m
17Alpha, 12 Charly, 1 Delta
17Alpha, 12 Charly, 1 Delta

By the way- the small dot below the illuminated dot of the Si-1 reticle of the K16i fits perfect for 300m with a zero at 100m with the ill. dot!

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