Deutsche Meisterschaft IPSC Rifle 2012

Last weekend, I shot the German Nationals IPSC Rifle. My first “real” rifle match, so nothing really to win. But shooting in one squad together with rifle cracks from Norway, Switzerland  and Germany was a great pleasure and a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot!

The match was very, very nice – the stages have been very nice and varied. For example, half paper targets (classic) at 50m, plates at 100m and classic poppers at 200m all together in one stage! Really Cool! There was everything for anybody – close hoser stages with paper from 2m – 50m (also two bobbers at ~45m), Clays at 4m and 10m, A3 and classic targets at 300m, steel-targets at 250m etc. So much fun!

Had only one mike on a 300m A3 target (I shot the 10-rnds stage at risk without a mag-change without extras on paper) and one on a bad shot 50m half paper. Rest was quite OK. Some things to work on but no big mistakes. Only 4D and 2Miss in the whole match. Sometimes little bit to much C’s and sometimes not quick enough. But nothing serious. Think, little bit more practice and this will get better also. The rifle worked flawless.

My goal for this match was to get into the top ten national and to achieve 80% of the german champ. Two hits! Finished national with 83%! Promising!

This was surely not my last rifle match! This is so much fun!

Here, the complete results:



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