Infinity Open 2012

Yeah! – 1st Place Infinity Open 2012 Revolver Standard!

This is always the match of the year. Also this year, the SVI Open upholds it´s reputation to be the most interesting and challenging match! Flip-Targets, stand-up targets and -plates, swingers, bobbers, movers…whow! That was amazing! It was a pleasure to shot this match. Though it was very technical and challenging, thera was always a way, to solve it and it was always makeable. More please! I had a fantastic weekend and besides some minor problems with small plates, I shot well and fast. The result was the match win!


here are the results:




European Steelchallenge 2012

Last weekend, I shot the European Steelchallenge in Winterswijk, Netherlands. This match is a fixed entry in my schedule since 4 years now because it’s a very nice and well organized match  with a huge price table and because it can be very nice combined with a short holiday in the beautiful Netherlands!

But to the match – I started in three divisions – Revolver Standard, Revolver Open and in Rimfire. In the last years, I’ve been able to make it to the podium in one of the Revo-Divisions so my expectations have been very high! My goal for this match was, to get at least second in one Revo-Division after Mario Siemeling. To win against Mario is nearly impossible because he is too fast and constant in shooting the Steelchallenge. His draw is lightning fast and first shot times close to one second are impossible for me.

I started my match with the standard Revolver on Roundabout. Good stage to get into the match. not too far away and not too small targets. Went fine – 13,49sec. Solid. But then – Outer Limits. Always again a challenge for me  – one not too bad run with 6,01 but also two bad ones with 8,02 und 7,92  – 21,95 sec. overall. Too much! Who cares – from there, it went better again. Speedoption in 14,72 and Accelerator in 13,73. And my best result was Smoke and Hope in 10,24 (think, that was my best Smoke-Run ever!). Finally Five to go – again some probs with the draw – 15,51. So I finished standard with 89,64 Seconds. Quite OK. Nothing really good, but also not too bad. At this time first on the list (but there’ve some serious competitors still been missing). Later then, I heard Marios Result – something below 80 seconds – unbelievable! But then, there was something new this time – Chrono! Nobody had this on the list. Minimum power factor requested was 110. I had no prob to make this with my ARES-125grs-Titegroup-load – 120 PF. Easy. Others had more trouble with this. So also Mario. He missed the PF and got DQed! I don´t want to comment this PF, measure, rules, process issue here. Just one thing – I really would have won at the range. Sorry Mario!

With Open Revolver, I started on Five to go. It doesn´t work for me this time and I got a 14,35. Too much to win! Roundabout worked much better – 11,33. An once again Outer Limits. 19,70! Thats definetely not my stage. Speedoption was OK – 12,45 and Accelerator fine for me with 11,79. I couldn´t make some time up on Smoke and Hope with 10,79 so finally, I had a 80,40 and finished third – only 0,21 seconds behind the second. Lost on Outer Limits or Five to go !

The final run for me was Rimfire – totally released from any expectations. Start was on Outer Limits – and guess – 15,24! Even one run below 5 seconds! And also the rest was fine: Speedoption 9,38, Accelerator 10,00, Smoke and Hope 8,33 and Five to Go at 10,17! That would have been a very fine result but unfortunately I had a big malfunction 0n Roundabout and so I had to take a 3,15 for the result ( rest was at 2,03/2,08 and 1,92!). Bt who cares! 5. Place in Rimfire really, really good against all the pistol experts!

Results soon to come!

Edit – at least the results as pics from my mobile:

Deutsche Meisterschaft IPSC Rifle 2012

Last weekend, I shot the German Nationals IPSC Rifle. My first “real” rifle match, so nothing really to win. But shooting in one squad together with rifle cracks from Norway, Switzerland  and Germany was a great pleasure and a lot of fun and I’ve learned a lot!

The match was very, very nice – the stages have been very nice and varied. For example, half paper targets (classic) at 50m, plates at 100m and classic poppers at 200m all together in one stage! Really Cool! There was everything for anybody – close hoser stages with paper from 2m – 50m (also two bobbers at ~45m), Clays at 4m and 10m, A3 and classic targets at 300m, steel-targets at 250m etc. So much fun!

Had only one mike on a 300m A3 target (I shot the 10-rnds stage at risk without a mag-change without extras on paper) and one on a bad shot 50m half paper. Rest was quite OK. Some things to work on but no big mistakes. Only 4D and 2Miss in the whole match. Sometimes little bit to much C’s and sometimes not quick enough. But nothing serious. Think, little bit more practice and this will get better also. The rifle worked flawless.

My goal for this match was to get into the top ten national and to achieve 80% of the german champ. Two hits! Finished national with 83%! Promising!

This was surely not my last rifle match! This is so much fun!

Here, the complete results:



Faktormessung .223

Maybe interesting for some of you -here are some Chrono results of some .223 Ammo out of the 16,75″ STI AR. First measurement I did outdoor in Philippsburg with a L&S Chrono, second one was indoor with a Chrony with LED lights. The noticeable differences between both measures may result of different comps (nordic tac / L&S vs. Arredondo and Chrony) or maybe my Chrony measures a little bit fast. Truth maybe anywhere in the middle…

Marke fps fps fps Avg. m/s Faktor Gerät
TopShot 55grs 3005 3014 3009,5 918,67 165,52 L&S
Geco Target 55grs 2962 2962 0 162,91 L&S
Remington UMC 55grs 2962 2860 2911 871,73 160,11 L&S
Wolf 55grs 2821 2820 2820,5 859,54 155,13 L&S
PMC Bronze 2663 2562 2612,5 780,9 143,69 L&S

S&B 55grs Schütte 3035 3088 3083 3068,67 941,22 168,78 Chrony
Geco Target 55grs 3036 3039 3031 3035,33 926,29 166,94 Chrony
Wolf 55grs 2940 3007 3040 2995,67 916,53 164,76 Chrony
Geco Target 63grs 2787 2904 2832 2841 885,14 178,98 Chrony

Concerning precision, the Geco 55grs and 63grs and the S&B 55grs Box are my favorites at 50m. At 100m, the Geco 55grs looked best, S&B I need to test on 100m.

Geco IPSC Masters 2012

Last sunday, I shot the Geco IPSC Masters 2012 in Philippsburg. This match was held for the first time. Fritz Gepperth and his crew designed and organized a very, very nice match! I think, I´ve never ever shot a match with so much moving targets like this! Bobbing targets, double swingers, movers etc. etc. amazing! And the best – all worked nearly flawless! The match was organized to be shot in only one day – 15 Stages with more then 350 rds! Whow! I liked very much the small squads. There´ve been nearly no waiting times between the stages! Perfect!

Unfortunetaly, my shooting was not as good as the organization. Hits have been OK, but times often much too slow. Much room to improve! OK, it´s early in the outdoor season and let´s see, if I can improve this.

Here are the results: