Kahles K624tt auf STI AR15 – erster Test

I gave the K624tt a first try today on my STI AR15. Zeroed it at 50m on my home range, to make it easier then on the 100 and 300m range in Philippsburg. What a fantastic scope! Sharp and very high contrast. Precise adjustment. Fine arts! Unfortunately, I have to return it to Kahles after my tests. I really would like to keep it…


Monatsmatch in der Oase Edingen

Today, there was a small match at the “Oase für den Sportschützen” (“Oasis for Sport-Shooters”) in Edingen-Neckarhausen. 8 Stages, 160 shots, speed, precision, fun –  a little bit of everything! And the best – I was home again for coffee… 😉 Hopefully more to come like this!

As soon as I get results, I´ll post them here.


Edit – here are the promised results. Unfortunately only second winner (first looser…). My friend Markus was better this time. This time… 😉

Oase Match 04-12 – Stages

Oase Match 04-12 – Overall

sponsored by Kahles

In the next season, I´ll attend IPSC rifle matches with a new Kahles Helia5 1-5x24i!

I saw this scope for the first time at the IWA this year and I was very, very impressed. True 1x, daylight bright crisp dot, easy zero, 43m FOV (!) , 5x (!) and not to forget fantastic bright and sharp glass! I cant await to get it now!

In between, I got a K624TT from Kahles to do some ammo testing with my AR at 300m. I tried this last week with my 4x… I hit the target, that was not the problem. But to say, which ammo was best? No way. I couldn’t say, this was me and this was the ammo. This shouldn’t be a prob with this  glass, I got today! A burner! I’m very excited to test it!

Kahles K624 TT - 6-24x56 Abs. Mil1