FOES "Rider of the Week"

Unbelievable – this morning, I got this email from FOES Racing USA:

Hi Sascha,

We selected you as rider of the week! Check out yourpicture here:

Thank you for submitting your picture to us – have fun riding!

62 N. Sierra Madre Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
Office: 626.683.8368
Fax: 626.683.8622

Awesome! Last week, I read the first time about a FOES campaign called “Rider of the Week”. Foes is publishing interesting action-pictures of Foes riders from all over the world in a special series on their website. I had a old pic of me, riding my Foes back in the late 90´s which I thought may fit. I sent it to them right after, I got a personal response from the Foes sales manager thanking for the pic and asking, where it was taken an under which circumstances. I would have never thought, that I even get a response – but obviously, they liked my picture very much and made me the “Rider of the Week”! Thanks Foes!
FOES rocks!

VPS Wintergames – Top Wheelgunner Trophy Match

This weekend, the VPS Wintergames have been held in Babenhausen near Ulm. Traditionally, this match is always very funny to shoot, because they have always some special “gimmicks” for the shooters. Also this year, there’ve been some nice stages. They provided 50-Meter-Poppers, a Windmill, Handcuffs etc. Funny! Even with two Mikes on the Windmill, I could finish first. 🙂


Wintergames Revolver Overall

Wintergames Revolver Stages