Winterrange Rifle Match WPPC / PPS Team

First of all, happy new year to all the visitors of my blog!

The new year is only a few days old, but I´ve shot my first match already! Last Weekend, there´ve been a small rifle match in Philippsburg, organized by the two clubs “Wiesbaden Practical Pistol Confederation” and the “PPS Team `93”. To minimize cost and effort for the organizing clubs, all shooters have been asked to help with the stage building an during the match. That worked fine! The match was held on the two 50m ranges and consited of six stages between 10 and 40 rounds. Because of the weather conditions and the range surface (wet…) the stages have all been designed to be shot from the baseline with only movement to the side. That didn´t matter! MaWo designed very nice and funny stages!

Due to a problem with DHL, I couldn´t shoot the match with my new STI AR Sporting Rifle (carrier and gas block was missing…) and I had to take my XR15 9mm. No problem. 50 m are easy with the 9mm, but – you have to know, wheres you POI with a glass zeroed for a .223 on a 9mm rifle… After the first stage, I knew that and the next stages went better 😉 Until the second last stage, where the XR started with extraction problems again. I screwed the final stage completely. Every single round failed to extract. Zero on a 20rds stage. Reason was again a moving extractor pin. I have to keep that in mind for the next match and to check it frequently! Beside that, the match was pure fun and I´m sure, that I´ll shoot some more rifle matches this year!

Not to forget the results:

Winterrange Overall

Winterrange Stages