2. MOS Level III

Last weekend, I shot the 2nd MOS Level III match in Philippsburg. Unfortunately, I couldn´t start at this match last year (it was held at the same time as the Europeans have been in Serbia). I´ve hear a lot (good) about this match, so I was very excited, what to see there. Of course, this match should also be the next step in preparing for the upcoming Worldshoot next month! My expectations have been fully pleased! Smooth excercises, fast to shoot with a high round count. Bear traps, long courses for running&gunning, very fast shorties – just a pleasure! I managed to shoot the most stages fast&accurate  – except one, a short course, consisting of a plate rack with 5 plates behind two Noshoot-Poppers and two classic targets, I screwed up completely. I missed the plates, hit one of the NS-Poppers and all of that in a horrible time. However, the good ones prevailed and so I won the match with 3,4% advantage in front of my teammate Markus. I we can manage to show this performance at the Worldshoot, I dare saying we will be right there with the top shooters!

And here the results:



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