4 thoughts on “627 – "reloaded"”

    1. Ciao Luca,
      at the moment, my favourite Steel load is a 125grs RNCNBB Ares Bullet in a 38shortcolt case loaded with 3,5 grs Titegroup. Approx. 1000fps out of the 586 6″. Test with new Open Revo barrel still needs to be done. But precision is very well and soft to shoot. Next test will be another type of slower burning powder for better compensator work.

  1. All right,
    test, and you will find the best load for the ported barrel.
    I was wacthing the 627-8 V-comp (prepared by Randy Lee for Julie Goloski).
    Great barrel work …. just downloaded the pictures and sent to my Gunsmith … (i think he will have to work on it this winter … ).
    Tomorow go to shoot the Steel Nationals (Revo-Iron) …. i’ll let you know …
    …. (after this match, i’ve got ready some Maj-loads for the Revo-Ipsc 686 …. a friend from Germany gave me the load-data …. it’s time to start with that “small holes” … )

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