Deutsche Meisterschaften IPSC Revolver

On the last weekend, I started at the German Nationals Revolver and
Open. Both matches have been held as completely separate matches
(separate stages, all divisions etc.). Due to that, you´ve been able, to
shoot both matches on one weekend. I decided to shoot the revo nats on
saturday and on sunday the open match with the revolver as practice.
Due to the fact that we came home from vacation no more than a week ago, I
was missing lots of practice and still suffered a jet lag. On top came,
that we had to bring our match ammo for shipping to Rhodes with us to
the nats. One week was quite little time to prepare all the stuff,
reload, practice and of course, work a little bit in between…
Preparation for the nats could have been better…
Therefore it was inevitable – I lost several points on the first stages of the match.
Legs like a lead weight and reactions as a granny. Luckily, it went better from stage to stage and after noon and a red bull (last hope…), I was also able to win some stages and to recapture point by point.
After all, the bad feeling of the first stages prevailed and I went
home, believing to have lost the title this time. Think, I have to work on
that….because after some calculations at home, the situation doesn’t look as bad!? Anyway – obviously, it worked anyhow and the matchwin was mine!

To complete, here are the results:

2011_DM_Modified_Revolver_results 2011_DM_Modified_Revolver_stageresults

2011_DM_Open_results 2011_DM_Open_stageresults