Landesmeisterschaft IPSC Rifle LV5 2018 und das neue Kahles K16i 3GR

DAR15 16.75 and 18

How fast the time flies! Already April again and no update of my website yet… I’m so sorry! But I’ve been pretty busy with testing new parts for the upcoming season! After the Worldshoot last year, I’ve took a much needed brake. I didn’t touch my Revolvers up to this years January. But now, I’m back in the game!

As I’ve signed up for the European Championships IPSC Rifle in Sweden this August, my main focus will be the rifle this year. So I worked together with my sponsor DAR on a new rifle for me – hopefully improving my performance! As most international successful rifle shooters shooting heavier 18“ or even 20“ rifles, I tried that concept too and after a settling in period, I’m now getting more and more familiar with the heavier 18“ I got from DAR.

The new 18″ heavy Barrel light upper compared to the 16.75 ultralight:

DAR15 16.75 and 18
Dynamic Arms Research DAR-15 16.75″ Ultralight with rifle length gas compared to an DAR-15 18″ heavy barrel light System with rifle length gas

 On top, I’ve got also a new scope from Kahles! Again, a K16i but with a new reticle – the „3GR“ . Pretty decent optic!

The new 3GR reticle:

Last weekend, I shot my first match with the new tool – successfully! The gun ran flawlessly and I was able to achieve a strong second place among some very strong rifle shooters! And as I’ve been the first of the Area 5, I won the championship! 😎

here are some impressions of the last weeks trainings with the new Combo and of the LV5 match yesterday:  


Area 5 IPSC Rifle 2018 Results – Area 5 IPSC Rifle 2018 Stageresults

oh, wait – and there was an IWA as well in March! Met some very nice people there, saw a lot of interesting products and maybe – I’ll have something new to announce soon – fingers crossed – stay tuned!

And now – immediately back to Revolver Training! Next match only two weeks ahead! 

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