Kurzupdate – Phantasy “strong” LIII, Deutsche Meisterschaft IPSC Rifle, European Steelchallenge 2017

…the last weeks have been unbelievable packed – I hope, to be able to write some lines about these matches soon – so far just some results and some pics… (ich kopier jetzt einfach den englischen Beitrag. Für mehr reicht momentan leider nicht die Zeit)

Phantasy “strong” LIII match held in Philippsburg – shot all stages on a Friday afternoon. Challenging and exhausting. Schedule was too ambitious. Last shot in dawn at 8pm. Stages have been nice. Earned my first Presidents Medal this year 🙂

2017 Phantasy „strong“ results2017 Phantasy „strong“ stageresults

The match was followed immediately by the Nationals Rifle. Shot an outstanding match and should have been able to win. Unfortunately lost my concentration on day two after the – too long – lunch break. Did I mention, that I hate breaks! But at least my best rifle result so far – Silver medal!

2017 German Nationals IPSC Rifle – 2017 German Nationals IPSC Rifle Stageresults

With the DAR-15 IPSC Advanced rifle at the nationals 2017
With the DAR-15 IPSC Advanced rifle at the nationals 2017 – pic by www.photopsia.de

And finally, last Sunday – the European Steelchallenge – the 10th anniversary! Had a fantastic match and won Standard Revolver and Open Revolver again! Even shaved off some seconds! And on top – scored second at Standard Pistol! Of course – with the Wheelgun 😀

2017 European Steel Challenge results – 2017 European Steel Challenge stageresults2017 European Steel Challenge teamresults

2017 European Steelchallenge
2017 European Steelchallenge
My new Hogue grip
My new Hogue grip

First step – get the Signature on a grip – check!

Next step – get it on a gun – watch out! 🙂

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