UPDATE, February 2017 - this is a very old content - my actual equipment is very different... pls. see my blog-page http://www.saschaback.de/blog_neu/en for new material!

I´ve focused to Revolver Standard Division in IPSC shooting. In this Division, there are only Standard (that means „close-to-production“) Revolvers allowed. Though the rules allow each Revolver in principle, independent of cylinder capacity or the like, you´re only allowed to fire six rounds before there has to be a reload. Just therein is, in my opinion, the attraction of IPSC Revo-shooting. Stages have to be analyzed very carefully to achieve a perfect run (which means precise and FAST) with your only six shots at a time before reloading. For this reason, it´s preferable to do the reloads while moving between two shooting positions (the swiss top Revo shooters call it „moving time is loading time“) - with this tactic, you don´nt loose to much time with your reloads. For that reason, it´s often (mostly) necessary, to shoot stages totally different to Open or Standard Pistol shooters.

My equipment for the IPSC Revolver-Std-Division:
At the moment, I´m shooting IPSC Revolver Std with a 6“ Smith&Wesson Revolver Model 586, which has been modified for clip-usage by machining the cylinder. Further modifications on this revolver (on all my
Revolvers…) are a enlarged cylinder opener model „Artrade“ made by merkle-tuning (this helps to ensure fast reloads due to the easy process of opening the cylinder without changing your grip), LPA TRT-Revolver rear sights (much better sight picture than the original S&W rear sight) and a Nill 1500er Grip. Of course, moreover, the internal functions have been modified as well.

Up to just a few weeks before the German Nationals 2005 I shot my 586s with a 4“ barrel, because up to this time, I found the 4“ much more handy than the 6“ (and not to forget, much more “attractive”). However, „form follows function“ and function before appearance – only a few shots with Markus Meichtry´s Revo (and his fantastic load) after the STI Open 2005, where we shot together in a squad (which improved my skills a lot! – thanx for your help, Markus!), convinced me to change my gear although there were only a few weeks before the big game. But not only the decision to change the barrel switches it – you have to have a competent gunsmith with time to change a barrel of a S&W Revo. Ralf Merkle of Merkle-Tuning was the one who helped me out....

All my holsters and belts are made by Rescomp CR Speed. The clip holders are "home made".


(later more......to be continued)