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Ive changed the website maintenance to a blog style webpage here can you find my new blog I hope, youll like it!



I used the last match-free-weeks, to look for a alternative to my 158grs H&N RN HS IPSC Revolver Standard load. The price for the H&N bullets got to high in the last time. My first alternative, the 158grs Frontier copper platet bullet was unfortunately not available. I remembered, that a lot of czech
shooters used more and more some kind of plastic coated bullets. I found out, that these are "ARES ACB" (ARES Colour Bullets) and that Frank Weuster from www.wieder-lader.de is importing them to Germany. I ordered a test-pack of 158grs RN bulles from Frank, which arrived immediately. Unfortunately, this
bullet was no alternative for me. Due to the design of the bullet body, I need to change the complete load, which gave me poor precision. I contacted Mr. Mongel from ARES directly and he send me immediately a test pack of 160grs .357 RN ACB (complete coated bullets). These bullets, originally made for .38
Super Auto, are perfect! With the same machine set-up, they were very precise and easy to reload. Only the factor was to high, so I could reduce it by 0.4grs (save powder!). I found a alterternative! If you can, give these very interesting bullets a try!




NEWS! New Results online!




The Results are linked as usual at the "Results" page!




In the coming season, Im starting for "Team Rescomp"!  Cathy and Franco  Resca of Rescomp  Handgun Technologies  are supporting me with Holsters, Belts and other Stuff from their equipment! Im very glad and proud to start for Team Rescomp and I hope, that I can give back a little bit with nice results! 

Unfortunately, there was no time in between to report the nice result from the GSW Level III Match on October, 27th - Due to missing Revo Division, I competed with my Glock 22 in the Standard Division - I think, the 5. place is not too bad for a "Wheelgunner" ...:-D

Results Overall and  Stages




Finally, also some pics, results and some thoughts about the European Handgun Championships in Cheval-Blanc, France from me:

the pics: EHC 2007 in Cheval-Blanc

...and of course, the results of the Revolver Division in the results-section or here Overall and here the Team-results

all things considered, I should be happy with my personal results: 4th in Revolver Overall (5th international) Winner of the Shoot-Off Revolver and on top, 3rd place with the team - not tooo bad! BUT - if youve had a place on the podium in mind....than "wood" is a little bit disappointing.... But Ive to accept, that there have been three, respectivly with Ricardo four better wheelgunners than me. What shall I say. Ive given my best, had only two mikes and a few Ds. Nevermind....

ALL MY CONGRATS to Igor, Markus and Andrea! (next time, Ill get you! ;-) )





HATTRICK!!! On July, 08th, I won the German Championship Revolver Standard for the third time! 

..and also the S&W Cup in Philippsburg I won in Revolver Open.

Results of both matches here.




Yesterday, I shot the german nationals standard division as a training with the revo. I tested my new .38 Short Colt load under match conditions. It works! Measured PF: 177   8-)

here are some pictures of this match...




...I must have looked like this yesterday at the 6. STI European Open  award ceremony

One of the best matches I know, maybe the very best - Noteable, what Herbert and Jrgen with all their helpers were able to come up with! And this for the sixth time, year by year! Their was no stage without room for individual ways to solve - neither the long parcours nor the 9-rounds shorties! Fantastic! But not only the match itself, also everything around was very fine - wheter the international competitors, or the numerous prices or the special award ceremony..This match is a "must"!

here are some pictures of the match

There have been also the Munic City Championships at the 28th of June in between- also a very nice and very, very challenging. Unfortunately, not my match this year - I was only able to reach the 4.th place- Congratulations to Markus, Gnther and Dietmar, who have been better than me this time.
Ive learned a valuable lesson at this match regarding nutrition at a match - regularly nutrition can decide a match! At this match, I did not follow this rule - bad concentration and a lot of misses and errors (brain-fades etc.) was the consequence. At the STI Open I did it better....;-)

Not to forget
, there was also a match in Lauf at the Ironhands, I shot in between. Se the results here: 7th Ironhands Level III




Last Weekend the "Warmup IPSC North Baden" was held at the "Oasis for the shooter"  of Hans Wagner in Edingen. A nice Match with a lot of fun! Results: Overall / Stages




Happy new Year! The start into the European Championships season was not to bad - second place at the TWT Match  Dornbirn in Revolver Open Divison -> Results




Ive taken some quick pictures today - the promised  details of the Hamann 586 and some pictures of my 627 (since a long time, I wanted to fotograph and post the 627  "Randy-Lee-hammer" ... if youre interested -> www.apextactical.com)




time for a update - a lot of things happened in between...:-)

At last. after a long time, in september Ive been able to win again a Level III Match: Results 6th IRONHANDS Autumn Level III 2006: Overall / Stageresults

...and in august, I won the Top Wheelgunner S&W Cup with my Open Revolver! Results: Overall / Stageresults

And not to forget - my match-revo has been to a "pit-stop" in Wolfsburg by Karl Hamann (after a recomendation of Jens Tigges of Caliber - a recommendation I can absolutely confirm!). The Service was very necessary... -but with a new cylinder, new star, a new hand, etc. etc., a very good trigger-job (the hammerlooks very funny now...pics will follow) and a lot more gimmicks - its working better than ever before! So, no more excuses ...;-)

CU with the next news....






Ive made it!!!! German IPSC Revo Champion again!!!!    8-)

Results German Championships IPSC Revolver 2006

...and not to forget the results of the 5th STI Open 2006






After a long time of inactvity with my sites, here some updates:

- Results 1st GSW Match (News from 2006/04/02 - very nice result.....;-)

- Results Munic City Championships 2006 - 2nd place Revolver Standard Division!

- two vids of a Bill-Drill with reload (full-speed and half-speed)

Have fun!






today, Ive shot my first match with the "Open Eight" in the Open Division with all the Race Guns- what a big fun...;-)

Im very curious about the percentage, Ive reached! Results will be published shortly...




new films from the TWT Wintergames 2006






Results Region Championships North-Baden