D.A.R. – Innovationen – neue Teile für IPSC Rifle vorraus!

…just some quick News – interesting stuff from D.A.R ahead! This will be a great IPSC rifle – can`t await to try it! 😀

a new, lightweight carbon handguard:

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Kahles stellt ein interessantes Detail auf der IWA vor

IWA is already some days ago, but I just found these pics of the very interesting Kahles ballistic quick change again on my mobile and thought, they might be interesting to Show. Guess, I´ll shortly Mount this on my Kahles also!
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Top Wheelgunner Trophy Wintergames 2015 Babenhausen

These years Wintergames have been again a very interesting and challenging match. Guenther, Gegge and their whole Crew did a perfect Job in putting together and running this fine match! I shot my 929 again, as it´s allowed according to the actual geman rules to shoot it to capacity (Germany is IPSC Test Region this year for that) Continue reading “Top Wheelgunner Trophy Wintergames 2015 Babenhausen”

S&W Cup 2014 – Top Wheelgunner Trophy 2014/2015

Last weekend, the Heidelberg Wheelgunners held their annual match, the S&W Cup – one match of the “Top Wheelgunner Trophy”. In the last years, from year to year, they beat themselves always with challenging AND funny stages. Also this year, they didn’t disapoint us. Though they had only a short time for preparation, due to the worldshoot etc., they managed again, to build a great match. Continue reading “S&W Cup 2014 — Top Wheelgunner Trophy 2014/2015”